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HT1204 - The Evolution of Yoruba Architecture and Contemporary Environment

Course Description
SESSION TWO: This course introduces students to Yoruba traditional architecture, art and culture by outlining theories, philosophy and aesthetics that serves as guiding principles. The course gives an overview of a traditional style dictated by culture, environmental conditions and available material. The course outlines important architectural elements and languages associated with Yoruba traditional architecture and how these elements can be utilised in solving contemporary environmental issues. Students will be introduced to the Yoruba culture that dictates their worldview and their construction methods.

Course Details and Overview


April 10th - May 16th, 2021

  • Meeting Time: 2hrs once a week for 6 Weeks
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Day and Time: Saturdays, 12pm - 2pm (EST) / 5pm - 7pm (WAT)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Requirement for Certificate designation: One research assignment
  • Outcomes: Audit or Certificate
  • Required Readings: To be provided in the course online folder: a bibliography of African architecture publications, video documentaries and websites.

Course Overview:

Week One: Introduction to Yoruba people and their architecture

Week Two: Culture and Lifestyle in Traditional Africa

Week Three: Spirituality in the Built Environment

Week Four: The Elements of Aesthetics, Decorative and Symbolic

Week Five: Materials and Community Development Philosophies

Week Six: The Future, Evolution and Transformation of Yoruba traditional architecture

Research Requirement: Earn the CPDI Africa Certificate

$ 250

    Professor Oluwatoyin Sogbesan
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