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HT1208 - The Architecture of Ghana, from Ancestry to Independence and Beyond

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SESSION TWO: This course introduces students to the varying building types and architectural styles native to Ghana, West Africa. The course surveys vernacular, colonial and contemporary buildings that have shaped the built environment of this rapidly urbanizing and historically rich African nation. Students will explore the complex socio-economic systems and modern-day challenges that face the burgeoning capital city of Accra. They will also research and propose design solutions that are reflective of culturally and environmentally sustainable design practices for the region.

Course Details and Overview


April 10th - May 16th, 2021

  • Meeting Time: 2hrs once a week for 6 Weeks
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Day and Time: Saturdays, 12pm - 2pm (EST) / 5pm - 7pm (WAT)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Requirement for Certificate designation: One research assignment
  • Outcomes: Audit or Certificate
  • Required Readings: To be provided in the course online folder: a bibliography of African architecture publications, video documentaries and websites.

Course Fee: $250.00

Course Overview:

Week One: Introduction to Vernacular Architecture of Ghana by Region.

Week Two: Architecture of the Ashanti Kingdom: Traditional Community Planning and Ancestral Symbolism

Week Three: Colonialism and Concrete: The impact of a foreign building material in a tropical environment.

Week Four: Architecture of Independence: Kwame Nrkumah’s vision for Ghana.

Week Five: Urbanism in Accra: Building Design Infrastructure and Planning Challenges.

Week Six: Architectural innovators of Ghana: Adjaye, Addo and Asare

Research Requirement: Earn the CPDI Africa Certificate

$ 250

    Professor Amma Asamoah
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