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HT1209 - Transitions in the Traditional Art & Architecture of the Igbo and Bamileke

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SESSION TWO - This course takes students through an exposition of the typologies of traditional art and architecture of the Igbos of Nigeria and Bamileke Grasslands of Western Cameroon. Examples are provided to reinforce planning forms, the intersection of the forms of art and architecture, some similarities between the two regions and examples of attempts at expressing the forms in contemporary African buildings architecture. Students will be introduced to ongoing research initiatives and future research opportunities at CPDI Africa.

Course Details and Overview


April 10th - May 16th, 2021

  • Meeting Time: 2hrs once a week for 6 Weeks
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Day and Time: Saturdays, 1pm - 3pm (EST) / 5pm - 7pm (WAT)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Requirement for Certificate designation: One research assignment
  • Outcomes: Audit or Certificate
  • Required Readings: To be provided in the course online folder: a bibliography of African architecture publications, video documentaries and websites.

Course Overview:

Week One: Introduction to Art and Architecture of Igbos of Southern Nigeria

Week Two: Introduction to Art and Architecture of Bamileke of Western Cameroon

Week Three: Similarities: Environmental, Cultural and Religious Imperatives

Week Four: Materials and Methods of Building

Week Five: Art and Aesthetics: Decorative, Symbolic & Spiritual

Week Six: Transitions and Translations: from Traditional to Contemporary

$ 250

    Professor Ikechukwu Agbim
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