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HT1211 – Sustainability in African Traditional Architecture.

Course Description
SESSION TWO - This course presents the African traditional Architecture from the primary societies to the present. Students examine buildings and the built environment as the product of tradition and regarding the unique problems of designing with available building materials in Africa. The course develops essential tools for the evaluation and appreciation of African traditional architecture, for the role it has played in conserving our environment. The course sustainable African Traditional Architecture. It considers awareness, technology and policy that unravel the potential of African traditional Architecture.

Course Details and Overview


April 10th - May 16th, 2021

  • Meeting Time: 2hrs once a week for 6 Weeks
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Day and Time: Saturdays, 1pm - 3pm (EST) / 5pm - 7pm (WAT)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Requirement for Certificate designation: One research assignment
  • Outcomes: Audit or Certificate
  • Required Readings: To be provided in the course online folder: a bibliography of African architecture publications, video documentaries and websites.

Course Overview:

Week One: Introduction to African Designs and Buildings

Week Two: The technology used in the construction of African buildings

Week Three: Active and Passive design Strategies in Design & Build

Week Four: Understanding the low tech used by Africa designers and builders

Week Five: The currents trends in African traditional architecture  

Week Six: The role of African traditional architecture beyond solving the problem of global warming and climate change

Research: Research Requirement: Earn the CPDI Africa Certificate

Come up with a rating system for traditional building using 70% passive design strategies you have learnt: using any of these criteria: 1. Energy Efficiency,  2. Indoor Environment Quality, 3. Sustainable Materials; 4. Sustainable Site Management, 5. Water efficiency and 6. Innovation

$ 250

    Professor Dodo Aminu Yakubu
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