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HT1212 - Typological Mining: Developing a Contemporary (Architecture) Philosophy from Traditional Hausa Architecture

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This course will attempt at the creation of a language and canon from contemporary readings and studies of traditional Hausa architecture. It shall attempt to hunt down and analyze the traditional architecture of the Hausas with the most modern methods to understand what it really means and how its meanings can be applied with the most advanced tools in solving todays Megacity problems.

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Course Overview:

Module One: The Traditional Hausa Plan: What does it mean?

Module Two: House not Compound: creating a new basis for understanding traditional form Week 

Module Three: Systems not Objects: What really was the philosophical essence of Hausa Architecture

Module Four: The Traditional Courtyard

Module Five: The Street

Module Six: Birni: The Hausa City

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  • Complete 3 (three) On Demand / In Person or Video Conference Courses at CPDI Africa GSACA and earn a Certificate in African Centered Architecture.
  • Make sure you have completed and submitted any assignments or research required by the instructor.  Some Instructors require instead a group virtual meeting with their students, often scheduled to hold once a month.
  • Instructors are also available for additional knowledge sharing during their Office Hours, which are posted by the Instructor in the CANVAS classroom.  Some Instructors are also available at your request for individual virtual meetings.
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    Professor Inedu George
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